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    Preface: I posted the same question on for anyone who ventures to both sites.

    I have never bought a movie or TV show off iTunes before, so needless to say i am not familiar with some of the offers. I am looking into buy all 3 seasons of Archer (TV Show on FX). Currently 2 seasons are completed, and one will begin soon.

    I went to season 3 in iTunes and noticed it said "Buy Season Pass" for $42.99and had a note below saying something along the lines that upon buying the season pass for the 3rd season, that Season 1 and 2 would automatically download and then i could download each new episode as they become available.

    My question is: Am i reading that right, that for the price of $42.99 (buying the season pass for season 3) I would also get season 1 and 2 for no additional cost?:confused:
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    It will only download episodes for the season you have purchased the pass for. Basically it just means if you brought the season pass half way through a season it would download all earlier episodes from that season. I have also checked the small print on the show and confirms it is only season 3 episodes you will receive.


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    Whew! Glad i asked, lol. Thanks for the clarification.

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