iTunes U App Update Completes Migration of Course Collections to Apple Podcasts

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    Apple pushed an update to users of its iTunes U iOS app on Tuesday, bringing the education-focused service up to speed with recent changes introduced in iTunes 12.7 last month.

    Apple launched iTunes U in 2007 as a free repository of educational content through the iTunes Store, allowing educators to create course collections comprising audio, media, handouts, ebooks, and other bundled content. In 2012, Apple introduced the iTunes U iOS app, enabling users to access their collections within an app container.

    However, September's iTunes update completely removed the App Store, and with it the section for managing iTunes U Collections. Apple previously notified educational institutions using iTunes U that it would be migrating their collections to Apple Podcasts.

    iTunes U collections can now be found in the Podcasts section of iTunes on Mac or PC, or in the Podcasts app on iOS devices or Apple TV. After the iTunes U iOS app is updated to version 3.6, it will only include courses, not collections. The app version history also indicates performance improvements for accounts with a large number of courses.

    Article Link: iTunes U App Update Completes Migration of Course Collections to Apple Podcasts
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    Woohoo Mac Rumours Safari notifications are back!

    EDIT* Oh and I like this article
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    They haven't worked for me for months :( And yes, I'm subscribed and they're allowed in Safari settings.
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    Odd how the iTunes desktop app store being removed affects iTunes U app itself and how it organizes information. Wondering how Teachers are coping with their curriculum and courses?

    STill I love iTunes U and prefer it over podcasts.
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    Just had a big lunch, so my brain is not working as well. But what is the logic behind removing the Collections over to Podcasts? It sounds like it's just going to make it more complicated to use iTunes U.
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