iTunes U only work on iOS devices?

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    Sep 22, 2011
    This year, we got an upgrade to our podcast system for school and as such, we no longer login on a site to get access to the podcasts, but instead, we get a link for each course to register and then we must wait for instructor approval.

    When registering for one of my classes from my laptop, I get the following message:

    "iTunes U

    You must use an iOS device to access this course.

    Learn more about iTunes U courses on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch."

    Of course clicking the learn more didn't actually help at all. I have registered for the course already on the iPad, but I was wondering if I would be able to watch the lectures on my laptop. The iPads we were issued were only 32 GB and each lecture is about 500 MB so that will fill up my iPad very quickly if I were to only view it on my iPad. I logged into iTunes U from my laptop but don't see the course in my courses.

    Anyone got any ideas? Are there courses that are restricted to iOS devices only? Maybe as a marketing strategy to sell more iOS devices?
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    Jessica Lares

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    iTunes U material is DRM-free. I have used it on my Kindle Fire before.

    Try syncing it to iTunes and see if it shows up in the iTunes U tab on the library. I don't see why not. :confused:

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