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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by wattso, Sep 22, 2007.

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    Right. What do you lot reckon to the situation on BBC, Channel 4 and ITV content. Is it coming? When? I would LOVE some decent British content on the UK itunes store. It's all well and good having Lost, south park etc. but what about the rest of the content available in the American store. Surely broadcasters should have all their content available on the UK itunes store that they have on the US? I can think of no reason why not if they have already signed up.

    What about movies as well? I can think of no reason why we don't have movies on the UK itunes store.

    When do we think more content is coming? More content from the studios already signed up, American studios that have content in the US store, BRITSH CONTENT- Gonna Happen?, When ?! And Movies? Is there actually a valid reason why we don't have movies on the UK store?

    Let's speculate people.

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Chester UK
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    Problem is this :

    Studio X makes Program Y and airs it in the USA.

    Then Studio X sells exclusive rights to air Program Y in the UK to TV Station Z

    Meanwhile, back in the USA, Studio X lets Apple sell Program Y thru iTunes, taking the lions share of each sale.

    Station Z in the UK's loving having the exlusive airing rights in the UK - everyone's buying Sky just to watch it...and then Apple say 'Can we sell it on iTunes?' "NO- we paid squillions of dollars to air it exclusively here - sod off"

    At least..I think that's the problem..when you take a US show to distribute it in the US you only have one company to deal with, but in the UK, you've got another 3rd party involved. That's why I THINK Series 3 of Lost is available..because they'd have thought of getting TV-Shows in iTunes when they did the deal with Sky for Series 3, but not for Series 2, or Series 1 with C4.

    But any UK series that ends up on DVD should be on iTunes as episodes asap... QI, Top Gear, Little Britain, HIGNFY etc etc.

    Although at the price they want to charge - 3 months after first release you can get the DVD's cheaper, with all the extras, to play at higher res on your TV, and rip, really easily, for your iPod anyway.

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    Nov 26, 2003
    Apple makes very little money from each sale.

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