iTunes Using 50% Of CPU & AppleMobileDeviceService Using 50% Of CPU

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    Hi Guys,

    I dont know if this issue has been covered before but I could not find any posts referring to it so here goes...

    Since I udated itunes to 10.5 on my XP Home laptop I found that itunes was using 50% of my processor and Apple Mobile Device Service was using the other 50% which rendered using itunes useless.

    I was connecting my iPod Touch 4th generation to the laptop after updating it to iOS 5 and it took an age to transfer any tunes or files from my laptop HDD to itunes. I could see that the two processes were using up all of the cpu as I viewed Task Manager but I did not know how to solve the problem.
    Even if I just had itunes open and did not have it doing anything it was using 50% of the cpu.

    I did the usual Google search and after reading a few site posts I found the answer to solve the problem.

    Some posts advised doing a complete re-install of itunes, and some advised removing Quicktime, and some advised turning off your anti virus software.

    But after trying all of those with no success I finally found the suitable answer for Windows XP.

    Here it is:-

    Go to Start / Accessories

    Right-Click on Command Prompt

    Click Run as Administrator

    Type in "netsh winsock reset", without the quotes and hit Enter

    Restart the computer.

    That was all I had to do and it took seconds to take effect and after the reboot when I checked the two processes in task manager they were both running at an acceptable level and using less than 10% of the cpu combined.

    This has enabled me to add tunes and files to itunes from my laptop HDD in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. It typically took about 25 minutes to transfer 100mb files from my laptop HDD to itunes but now it is as it should be and it does not cause my laptop to get too hot either.

    I hope this works for you if you have the same problem as I did after updating to iTunes 10.5.

    Thanks to the original person that found this solution - 'Japiohelp'.

  2. KaBleeth macrumors newbie

    Jun 20, 2012
    Thanks Worked for me, and saved me a lot of time.
  3. gkounis macrumors newbie

    Oct 6, 2012
    THANK YOU! I've been struggling with this stupid problem for months! It fixed it in no time!

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