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    Hello all, does anyone know an utility for iTunes, so that I can restore my music collection in one single swoop: What I'd like to do is:delete my library file, scan all my disks for iTunes music/video/podcasts files (MP3, AAC etc etc etc), and copy/move it all to a new location, then create a new library file that puts everything in the right places incl purchased music etc etc, avoiding doubles etc.
    One of the reasons for this is is that my HD is getting awfully full, and want to move every thing to an external drive, and clean up the mess I've created over the years.

    Thanks! :apple:
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    You don't really need a utility to perform this task - moving your iTunes music to an external drive is very easy to accomplish. I just did this yesterday - this is the procedure I used.
    1. Quit iTunes, if it's running.
    2. Copy the iTunes Music folder over to the external.
    3. Delete original iTunes Music folder.
    4. Open iTunes. It'll complain about not being able to find any of its songs - this is normal.
    5. Open iTunes Preferences, click Advanced, then General. There will be a Choose... button next to a path to where iTunes thinks your music is. Click this, and change it to the new location. iTunes will update its library then ask if you want to organize your music (assuming you have the organize music preference checked). Go ahead and let it do this.
    6. Finally, if you want to do some more cleanup, tell iTunes to add its iTunes Music folder to its library. Don't worry - this will NOT add duplicates of everything. iTunes is smart enough not to add stuff that's already there, but it will add any lost files that were deleted from iTunes's library but not the disk.
    7. Once that's done delete from both iTunes and the disk unwanted tunes - this can be done from iTunes, at least moving the file(s) to the trash.

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