iTunes will not delete voice memos when synching

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    Deleting voice memos from iTunes doesn't delete them from the phone.

    According to the user manual, if I select my phone on the left sidebar, then choose the music tab on the right, check "include voice memos", then iTunes should sync my voice memos - and it does this fine!

    But the user manual also says that deleting memos on the phone will not delete in iTunes (again fine), but it says deleting from the voice memos from iTunes WILL delete them from the voice memo app on the iPhone on the next sync - but this is not working for me.

    I've tried every conceivable option that I know of - unticking "include voice memos" doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever - memos sync from the phone to iTunes regardless, and a Voice Memos playlist is still created in iTunes. I tried deleting the voice memo sound files from the Music section of iTunes, instead of just deleting from the "Voice Memos" playlist (the memos show up in the iTunes music section in an album, which uses the name of my phone as the name of the album). Still can't delete from phone on next sync!

    Am I missing something? Perhaps it's a glitch (?), or there is a setting I don't know about.

    Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance
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    Sorry I can't help. I'd love to, as I can't seem to find the answer myself.

    I can get them transferred to the machine, from there I can archive them etc. I can even delete them from the folder and nuke the iTunes playlist. The issue is getting them off the phone. They can be deleted via the app on the phone itself, but there must be an easier way than one at a time.

    The answer is out there, Scully. (Smiles) If I find it I'll post it here. Love it if you'd do the same.

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    the answer

    from your itunes, open the "iphone" button and press on "on this iphone".
    then choose "music" and you'll see all of your music files include the voice memos.

    just pick all the files you want to delete and drug them to the trash on your desktop. that's it!
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