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    I have just installed fresh OS 10.7 (wiped hard disk) and latest version of iTunes due to the problems I have described here.

    I also created a brand new library to avoid any legacy problems.

    Now I can't quit iTunes. The only way to relaunch it is by Force Quit option.

    I run my Mac 24/7. After longer period of inactivity, eg overnight, iTunes will only respond to selective tasks, eg play song. However, it will not recognise a CD when inserted into a CD drive or an image mounted via Toast or other means. Any attempts to quit then do not produce any results, eg from Menu option, keyboard shortcut, or right click in the dock. Just nothing happens.

    When I force quit and relaunch, iTunes are back to normal functionality until it develops the same symptoms.

    Any ideas?
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    I have a feeling this is due to you moving your library as described in your previous post. If it were me I'd remove iTunes and re-install it. Bear in mind that your purchases are safe. Some other information here:

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