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Oct 7, 2014
Hi everyone this my first time on this forum. I got a problem with itunes it won't accept my password on my imac but my password works fine on my ipad, iphone, and my ipod. When i try to login on the imac the password box pops up I put the password in and then hit enter it goes away for couple seconds then box comes back up asking for the password again, if put the wrong password it gives this is an incorrect password in the box. Has anyone had a problem similar to this any help would greatly be appreciated.



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Aug 13, 2015
iTunes would not accept my password (it was right- repeatedly). I had to reset it. It will not accept the MONTH (11 is not good apparently) for my CC expiration date. Just started using an iPad from a lifetime of Win. The Apple "it just works" line is a load of hooey.
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