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    Feb 17, 2009
    I have a 2g iPhone and 2.xx(?) jailbroken with pwnage. Yesterday, it froze, and when trying to reset, it got caught in a cycle of reboots - the phone would turn off, then the apple logo would come on, then the phone would shut off again, and over and over. After a while, it stopped rebooting, and was simply off. Now, when trying to turn on or connect to my macbook, it tries to turn on (the screen illuminates a bit with a bunch of horizontal bars across is. If I try to go to restore mode (holding power/home for 15 seconds, then holding home for another 15 seconds), iTunes detects that an iPod is present, but gives an error that it can't identify the iPod, and to try again. Ziphone tells me that my phone is in dfu mode and needs to be restored, but I can't get itunes to recognize it to let me restore. Is there any way to restore this so I can re-jailbreak and get on with life as usual?

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    Wow, if your iPhone wont go into recovery mode, you are probably stuck.

    A few months ago, I tried to jailbreak and came to a problem where iTunes wouldn't recognise my iPod either. I remember having to reboot my Mac a few times to finally get my iPod back to normal. Try doing that.

    I have given up on jailbreaking now because of the risk I was taking.

    Good luck!

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