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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by bamafever09, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    Let me start off by saying I am a paid registered developer and I have searched and cant find anything that helps me. I am running ios 7 beta 6 on my iphone 5. I have the beta version of itunes from the developer portal. For some reason my music refuses to sync to my phone. Any Ideas?
  2. NickyLanzz macrumors regular

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    been having this issue since first beta and never seemed to get fixed yet. Hoping it will otherwise ios 7 will be HELL.
  3. Unhyper macrumors regular


    Apr 7, 2010
    I was seriously frustrated with this issue after upgrading to the most recent beta. I didn't experience it with the previous ones. I tried reinstalling the beta fresh, in DFU mode, and it didn't help. I still couldn't sync music over; apps iTunes would transfer just fine. I needed my tracks because I love listening to audiobooks, and the Audible app doesn't work well on iOS 7.

    Here's the point of my post, though: when I plugged my phone into my Mac today with the intention of reverting it back to 6.1.4 so that I might be able to sync audiobooks again, iTunes started syncing the files that I had previously set to sync, but which it had never even tried to copy over. All of a sudden, it's working again. All I can suggest is that you disconnect the phone from your Mac, then close the iTunes application (maybe even reboot?) and start the Mac, plug the phone in, and then open iTunes. It's so simple that I doubt it will help, or people would not get stumped with this issue in the first place. My point is that it CAN start working again without reinstalling iOS 7. I just can't tell you exactly how to make it happen...sorry.
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    The only issue I had with syncing media was over wifi, but iTunes 11.1 beta fixed that. Syncing using the cable always worked for me.

    Have you tried resetting all setting or doing a clean install?

    Don't think this is a widespread issue.
  5. benji888 macrumors 68000


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    First off, do you have iTunes latest update...11.0.5? If not, get it updated first.

    • Did you do this?

    "This update addresses an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items. If you have any devices running previous versions of iOS 7 beta, you must:
    1. Install iOS 7 beta 6
    2. Install the ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries configuration profile
    3. From Settings > Music, tap the Reset Media Library button
    4. Restart the device

    If not, do above first, if yes, then, (I have had issues w/syncing music from time to time with the iOS 7 betas), (assuming you're connecting via USB cable to computer)

    try turning off syncing for music, quit itunes, disconnect and power cycle the phone,

    then connect and do a sync (with syncing for music still off), quit itunes, disconnect phone,

    now connect again, open itunes and turn syncing for music on, do a sync, (wait for it to complete). Disconnect, power cycle phone/quit itunes,

    then connect it all again and sync again, if it worked correctly the last sync, it shouldn't be syncing more music. I find things to be a bit quirky with itunes & ios 7 still, but, if you do all of this once, it should clear things up, if not, then, :confused: (I interrupted music syncing the first time I put ios 7 on and it kept doing oddball things, not all my music was there, duplicates of some songs, etc.)

    I have less than 1000 songs that I sync to iPhone @ 128K (I use pandora a lot, and now itunes Radio, so I don't need my entire library on the phone), and it's been better since doing the above reset, but, some that have extensive music libraries are still having many songs do you sync w/iphone?

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