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    Dec 11, 2008
    Before leaving for a trip to America, I foolishly did the iTunes 12.7.4 update without doing an update... Didn't know I had to

    When the computer loaded back up my entire library looks different, my audiobooks are filled with ones I have not seen in years, there are podcasts in the main library instead of the podcast section and my date modified is bass-ackwards. Everything is wrong, it is putting songs to the cloud (which I don't want) and unfortunately I didn't back up and I have been gone for 10 days

    I get back on the 15th and I am worried that if I am to connect any of my devices (two iPhone's and an iPod) that songs and other files might get deleted because the library is not the same

    My music/library is located on a external Lacie 4TB hard drive, so I think that complicates things

    Is there anyway I can try to get my library back to normal/the way it used to be? any third party apps I can use, I have Senuti, iMazing and a lot of similar programs but I don't think that will help

    I also managed to make backups to my devices, in case something went wrong, but I have not turned off the computer since I left, so nothing would have overwritten... would it?

    Can this please be fixed
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    Oct 25, 2003
    What are you talking about doing an update before updating iTunes?

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