iTV functionality... is(should) there really more to it?

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Should iTV capabilities be expanded

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  1. Yes, doing so wouldn't be much more difficult than what Apple has already produced.

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  2. Yes, but this will be more difficult than iTV, but who cares this is Apple remember!

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  3. No, iTV is just fine the way it is now.

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  4. No, iTV works well like this and it would be too difficult to do.

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  1. Aniej macrumors 68000


    Oct 17, 2006
    I have been meaning to post this since iTV was presented so as to whett our appetite a bit, but alas I am jsut getting to it now. After watching the presentation and reading up on it as much as possible, I am left wondering why is the functionality left to just Frontrow related applications such as iTunes and iDVD?

    If the system has the ability to send something as large as a movie to my flat screen tv, then why would iTV not be made so as to allow for everything else? Specifically, I would love to have my MBP with my wireless keyboard beaming a website with videos on it to my tv or an email I am writing to a friend on to my tv. This sure beats the heck out of going out an buying a mac Mini and making the proverbial hybrid MacTV we all were discussing six months ago. Think about how great this would be and what a way to further help Mac get into the corporate sector where this could be used for presentations along with a MB or MPB; or better yet, in the classroom.:rolleyes:
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