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Discussion in 'iPod' started by carduser22, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Nov 15, 2006
    I just read an article saying that Microsoft will be offering downloadable rented movies through its Xbox video game console. Does anyone actually use this now? Do you think people will really want it? The movies expire after 24 hours. Is this really a competition to Apple (not that I see). Does anyone think this will take off for anyone other than diehard videogamers? Basically, what I am asking is will downloadable rented movies take off online? <---(before answering this question, please read the rest of the article)

    Isn't that what your cable company is for (VOD-Video on demand) or satellite? (VOD?[i don't know if satellite has video on demand]) What would be the point of paying Microsoft to download movies whenever you can get the movies from your cable company?

    Microsoft would need some way to send the movies to you, so that would be the whole point of some sort of internet connection (maybe cable or satellite) in the first place. It just doesn't make sense, is Microsoft going to offer me some video that I can't get from my local cable company? If my cable company finds out about this, will there be backlash? Also, if I wanted a movie couldn't I just tell my cable company about it, so they can make it available?

    Although I have used VOD to watch NFL On Demand Videos ON OCCASION, (I like the idea somewhat) I think this is encouraging lazyness. Hmm, let's see what to watch today (presses remote button instead of having to go to video store). I'm definitely not going to pay Microsoft to watch a rentable movie THROUGH my cable company. (in essense, paying for a movie twice)

    P.S. I will NEVER buy a Xbox (either kind), but I wish to know people's opinions of this.
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    The Microsoft download service doesn't start until Nov 22nd.

    iTV has the possibility of being in broader use. How many people in the world have iTunes installed both Windows and Mac? How many people own an XBox 360?

    I would imagine the iTunes installations win. People aren't going to buy a 360 to get digital content. They will have it to play games on and also get digital content. People that don't want the games will most likely get an iTV.
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    their video service is sort of half assed like everything else they do (except for the 360 itself).
    their movies will cost $6 and ARE in HD format, however they are gigantic (over 4gb) so it isnt exactly an immediate fix. you get to keep the movie for up to 14 days if i remember correctly, but you can only actually watch the movie for a 24 hour period. apple charges $10 per movie and those are permanent and are slightly less quality. however, when iTV comes out it is rumored Apple will upgrade their content to HD standards.
    where they may compete with apple is TV content. they are selling their shows for $3, which is $1 more than apple. but, MS is giving 2 ways to view them...standard and high definition. i'd pay the extra $1 for a HD version personally. however, i will never own a MS Zune (which i believe is the only device other than the 360 that will play them) so its not alot of value. i can happily use my DVR to record anything i may miss off of the TV. also, MS has secured some nice content that I have been wishing was on iTunes such as Adult Swim content.

    where i think MS could really hurt Apple is with the 360 itself. like MS or not...the Xbox 360 is a quality piece of hardware now that they have their production issues worked out. it has many really nice features and only needs a little tweaking and it would really be THE home entertainment center. right now Apple and MS both want to close their systems to their own standards. if MS were to cave first and allow H.264/MPG4 streaming to the 360 and not just WMV based content, I feel the 360 would seriously damage sales of the iTV. I am really looking forward to the iTV, but if my 360 could connect to my Mac (which it can btw) and stream my H.264 movies (which is can't due to only supporting WMV for video) to my TV i would not get nor have a need for iTV. the 360's interface is not as elegant as Front Row, but it isn't crap either.
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    Have Xbox 360 and a server...

    I have an Xbox 360, and I finally put in into my home theater (I was using it on the floor with games, not XBox Live) and transfered my Xbox Live account to it. I also hooked up the new HD-DVD drive.

    The XBox 360 is really nice online. I download video and games, and can do it in the background while watching an HD-DVD in 1080i, and the Xbox doesn't even miss a single frame.

    Microsoft says you can play files on your PC with Windows Media 11. I tried that on my PC server (where I sync with my iPOD). I point WM to my iTunes folder, and it sees the unprotected music but not my mpeg-4 videos (will only see WMV files). It also sees my XBox 360. But, of course, my XBox 360 doesn't see my PC. I've tried everything and, of course, doesn't work.

    I'm just going to get an iTV for my music and video content and be done with it. It'll also play all the stuff I bought from iTunes.

    Looking at the content on XBox Live, it's of course, only NBC/Universal stuff. They just don't have the content right now. Then, there's that whole "Zune" thing...

    Apple is awesome...
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