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    This game can bring you fame as the man with the most flexible and nimble fingers. It is important to the ability to control the body and always provide follow-up.

    You just need to run the game and enjoy the fun as the one on the road or at home or with your loved one.


    Game review


    Recall the rules of customary Twister: on the rug with multicolored circles are a few people. Pre-select the starting position. Spin the wheel, and thus selected part of the body and color to which you want to put this part of the body. It can not be separated from other parts of the body pad. Then re-spin the wheel, and it's move makes different player. The player who tear the inactive part of the body - and loses is eliminated. The game continues until, until only one player, who becomes the winner.

    Playing on the iPhone is like most, playable and has not lost interest in his ancestor. The rules are the same as in the "floor" version, except that part of the body must be removed without taking off the screen - this makes the game more interesting and more difficult.

    When the game starts, we see that the game is executed in a street style.


    Watching intuitive menu:
    Play - starts a new game
    Rules - recommended to open before the first start,
    Records - here shown in all your records for different modes of play,
    Options - set up the game by himself
    Info - information about the game, hidden in the bottom left corner.


    In the options we can look forward settings on and the volume of music and sound effects and vibration. You can enable or disable the marker fingers (they will always be under your fingers, wherever they were). Also see the choice game modes: Easy, Medium and Difficult, or "Two Players".


    So, proceed to the game.

    Click the menu item "Play" and watch Twister mat, but not simpler. This is a piece of asphalt, painted spray old-school fans.
    We welcomes notice of the new game, which tells how to start a game. Need to place your fingers (well, or any other body parts, whatever you like) for any community - this will be your starting position. When to place a specified number of fingers - notice that the frame will change its color from white to one of three: Orange, Green or Purple. The frame plays a role in the game of roulette from the usual Twister. However, not one, she shows us all the data. We notice that the marker set finger spinning. This means that that's what we have to move to any free circle, painted in the color of the frame. With the successful installation of a finger to a new place - is spinning Merker another finger, and the frame uses a different color, although it can repeat the previous one. At first, move your fingers neotryvaya them from the screen, and at the same time keep the other fingers on the ground pretty hard, but after 10-20 games is becoming easier.

    This game not only on dexterity and luck, but on logic, because it all depends on where you put your finger in the future, it was easier.


    If the game seems easy, then increase the difficulty level and try to play with one hand;)


    Promocodes for the fastest:

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    Used R7TAKHKNM9PM. Thanks! I'll do a review/rate in iTunes after I play around with it for a bit.
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    WX7KTWXJHLPH has been used. I'll post a review when I've had a chance to play with it.
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    I used: L7K3A73H6LKK

    but YFNRR73YWRYA was already taken.

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