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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chp5592, Sep 18, 2017.

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    have not been able to find definitive information on this.

    IUP allows upgrade after 12 months it with iPhone X delayed for at least two to three months (longer with low supply??) I will need to make at least three to four more payments on my current iPhone 7 plus. When I trade in I would still need to turn in my phone and then I am basically short 100-150 dollars.

    Will Apple make this right by refunding some money past the 12 months mark? The only reason I bought the IUP last year was to be able to upgrade every 12 months. As it stands now I pay more money and still have to return my current phone. That sucks.
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    You can still upgrade, You just can''t upgrade at the moment you want to for the phone you want.

    As to you paying extra, you are using a leased phone. Why should you get off not paying for product you are using?

    Your upgrade terms are based on your personal contract, not Apple's release schedule. Next time don't assume things in the contract that aren't there.

    Apple (and Citizens) may make some kind of allowance although they are not obligated to under the terms of the contract.
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    Did not assume anything. But the spirit of this program is to upgrade every twelve months without the hassle of selling your old phone. Talking to few people who have talked to Apple Store people, it seems like they will credit you the time between when you preorder and the actual delivery date. That seems like a good compromise.

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    This is the exact position my wife and I are in. I reached out to Apple Executive Relations and received a call back within 30 minutes basically restating the terms of the IUP. The rep said in no way did the IUP guarantee that a new iPhone would be released every 12 months and there were no plans to do anything to "make it right" so to speak. I argued that this didn't seem to be the spirit of the program when it was introduced. He said my feedback was appreciated and noted.

    I ended up deciding it was best to go with the 8+ this time around to avoid being out hundreds of dollars on two phones in order to be upgrade eligible when the XI, or whatever it will be called, is likely released next September.
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    Programs like IUP, Next, whatever give you the ability to trade in your phone for a new one after 12 months, but not the right to a specific phone. You bought a phone and divided the payments over 24 months, so you are not "losing" anything by continuing to make your payments.

    If you want to guarantee the ability to buy phones without a wait, its best to start these programs in March
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    So next year if released in September Apple should pay off your phone early too so you can get at launch ?
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    Just start a new AUP with the X, then pay off your existing phone and sell it yourself. Unless your phone is in horrible condition, you should easily sell it for the 50% credit you would get if you renewed.
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    ..this is something I didn't consider at the time either. Have a cracked screen so will be using AC to get it fixed then sell to cover the cost of settling the finance.

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