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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TillysWily, Oct 2, 2015.

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    Ok has anyone did the IUP for the 6s+ or 6s and left the store without activating it in the store? Im asking bc my store does not have the Verizon 6s+ in stock but they do have a T-Mobile and I know they come unlocked so I was going to buy the T-Mobile and then just put my Verizon card in when I get home. Apple is telling me (over the phone) that I have to activate it in store on the carrier its purchased for b4 I can leave the store with it. I trying to find out if anyone has done this? Thanks in advance
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    Its automatically activated as you fill out the loan application. You an leave the store without opening the box and set it up later, but no, you can't leave without it being activated. In the T/Cs of the IUP states you must be activating iPhone at purchase or something like that.
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    Ok I didn't state the fact as clearly as needed sorry. I meant they where telling me I had to "activate" it with a plain through tmobile b4 I left and would then have to cancel the plain with tmobile to use it with Verizon. Which I don't see how it is legal at all.
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    So for future knowledge you DO have to IUP threw the carrier your buying the phone for. The reason is when you buy the phone and they scan it you have to have an account with that provider for them to go further. He sais its that way bc that's how apple set it up he didn't know why. You can bye the phone out right and do whatever with it but doing the IUP you have to have an account just for the buying purpose.

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