IUP or carrier program?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Aibocyrus, Sep 19, 2016.

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    May 26, 2015
    So, correct me if i am wrong, but it appears that the people in the iPhone upgrade program complained enough that it sucked inventory from everyone else?
    The argument, as i understand it to be, was that IUP users were mad that they were told 12 installments and then they could upgrade? is this correct? Well... my whole issue is that i don't think that just because someone is an IUP user means they are above people that are in installments with their carriers.
    I have an installment agreement with verizon for every 12 months. yet, you don't see me crying about not having a phone immediately. When you sign that contract for IUP, you agree to a total of 24 installments. that does not mean you are guaranteed a phone every 12 months. no carrier offered that, and neither can apple. I don't understand why these IUP user complained and then got their way!?
    for someone like me, who is also on a 12 month installment agreement, of course i would love to have my phone on launch day every 12 months, but the reality is, that just doesn't happen.
    I want to know why the IUP users got their way!? Why are they better than the people that have 12 moth installments with their carriers!?
    It isn't right and they should have no pull over anyone else.
    In fact, i could almost guarantee I was on an installment plan before a lot of people got onto installment plans. I was working for AT&T when they introduced NEXT. that existed before the IUP. so in my opinion, the people that realized the potential for NEXT, or EDGE, or whatever, should have had pull before IUP users if apple wants to play it that way. This whole launch was bs.

    It should have just been, first come, first serve as every year. Those idiots signed the same contract every one else did that was on an installment agreement. we all signed for 24 months. if they didn't realize they weren't guaranteed a phone on launch, that is their own fault.

    I refuse any argument that the IUP users are above anyone else that was previously already in an installment agreement with their carrier. Apple shouldn't have pulled any stock for these babies, IMHO. they should have just told them, "first come, first serve." like anyone else would have.

    you can't please everyone. but if you are going to favor customers on an installment agreement, then favor ALL customers on an installment agreement. not just IUP.
    ** drops mic** lol
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    Nov 23, 2011
    Upgrade Program had a few hiccups this year, but Apple did their best to sort it out and it should be much better next launch.

    Between the IUP or the carrier program, I'd be more tempted to go with the official Apple IUP route.

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