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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macmedal, Sep 23, 2017.

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    If like me you joined a the IUP programme in a September Apple has really had us over with the iPhone X. I started last Sept with the iPhone 7 Plus and had every intention to upgrade to the X this year. However besides the crazy amount of money required for the privilege of the X if you are in the IUP you need to consider the possibility that it is going to cost you a lot more money all going into Apple's pocket of course.

    So the programme allows you to upgrade after 11 months, you have a few realistic options at this stage, upgrade to a new model, stick with the current phone and pay the outstanding months off in order to own the phone outright or just pay in a lump sum the outstanding amount (which you can do at any time) and again own the phone. I intended to upgrade to a new model, but hey that new model isn't coming out to November (if you get very lucky) so where does that leave me? Paying at least an extra two instalments if I am fortunate with the ordering or more than likely paying an extra three of four instalments which will equate to approx £180. This is dead money, as I will then be expected to hand the old phone back in exchange for the new phone, with no recompense for the extra months paid.

    So economically unless I buy the iPhone 7 plus outright and have the hassle of selling it myself (defeats the objective of the IUP) the iPhone X is a financial liability this year. Therefore I have decided to go with the iPhone 8 plus and pass this year on the X in the hope that next years OLED is released on time in September. I have downgraded to the 64GB version which comes in slightly cheaper over the period than last years 128GB Plus. Not want I wanted but I can't afford to keep lining Apple's pockets as a consequence of some pretty poor marketing decisions on their part.
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    I agree, it's disappointing that we're not able to upgrade after the 11 months that we were sold on originally but it certainly isn't 'dead money'. You don't own the phone after 11 months so it's perfectly reasonable that you should continue paying for it until you upgrade it.
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    Hardly dead money since you are just leasing the phone and getting the use of it. The 8+ is the logical upgrade anyway. Just because the timing isn't right for you to get every new model that you want isn't Apple's fault. If they release a phone in March and you can't upgrade to it is that Apple's fault? Too many choices is the real problem....

    The only way to break free is to pay full price, upgrade when you want and then sell you old phone. Problem solved.
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    With the issues with this i may just go via EE and start a new contract and just order as quick as i can on their site

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