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Sep 12, 2013
Im sure you guys are wondering why Im posting here but who better to ask how my iMac and my iPhone keep getting hacked even after being formatted by me, the Apple store and an Apple retailer. I've seen stuff going on with my iMac that you would never believe.

After I realized my iMac had been hacked I went into keychain and started deleting my passwords when out of no where come this small green like folder came out of n where and was dropped right above the log in lock and it locked me out of keychain. I immediately went to to system preferences and tried changing my security preferences but regardless of the icon i clicked on it wouldn't open.

I would try to access certain folders in my library and the hackers had changed the sharing and permission. When I tried to open it my password wouldn't work. At this very moment Im looking at iMessage info and it has "everyone" listed twice in the sharing and permissions. The first one has custom access the second has read only. I didn't make these changes I never use iMessage. On 10/19 I had just formatted my HD and it was completely installed about 2 hours later I could see in the console window that there were allot of files being installed. Three hours later i found out 500.00 was taken out of my bank account so I called a buddy and told him I was going to get the police involved at the time I was in front of my computer and the console window was open I could see those very same files being taken out of my system. Its almost like they could hear me which Im sure they could

I've used a legitimate program called iExplorer, it allows you to see the contents of your files from your iPhone back up. My iPhone recorded a transaction at the Apple store. Someone purchased about 100.00 worth of apps, when I called the iTunes store they said those purchases weren't on my account if thats true than why are they showing up on my iPhone? The hackers have hacked into every email account I have and have deleted all my email regardless of how many times I've changed my password. In the past week I have closed my Facebook account 3 times only to see that its been reopened. Theres a short cut in my reading folder in Safari that allows me to log into my FB account that has been closed anonymously. I have no idea how it got there

Apple denies anything like this can happen so they pretty much shut me down the minute I call for support. At times they've gotten rude with me and because Im so fed about with my privacy being invaded and my identity being stolen I lay into them.

Would anyone like to take a shot and give me an idea of how both my 9 month old iMac and my 2 month old iPhone can both be hacked into? Thanks
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Feb 19, 2008
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1. Back up everything (pictures documents, email, etc.

2. Boot into Recovery Mode and reformat your internal hard drive and reinstall. BUT DON'T sign into iCloud yet when setting up!

3. After the install use a NEW password!!!

4. Use the /Applications/Utilities/Migration Assistant.app to bring in Documents, saved email, pictures and music only for now!!!

5. Go to the Apple site Apple-ID site and change your Apple ID password ASAP!!! Plus change your iTunes password in iTune Store in iTunes too!!!

Now I really urge you to use the shareware 1Password and let it generate passwords for all the web sites you visit! This way you can protect yourself from weak passwords! I can't stress enough change every password you have every used!

After doing all this use iTunes to restore/wipe your iOS devices! Then reload these through iTunes and use the 1Password iOS app to transfer passwords to the iOS devices.

Edit: plus RIGHT know change out your router ASAP or at least it's password.


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Sep 12, 2013
Thank you for the advice.

Listen to this, Im having the same problem with my laptop (pc) so I was doing some changing some files Microsoft suggested and when I would change one specific file on my laptop the console on my iMac would detect it. I changed that file 4 different times and each time my the console log reported it.

The kicker is our wi-fi is turned off, the lap top was connected using an ethernet cable and the iMac wasn't connected to anything.

I know how to read sqlite and plist files so Im able to read allot of files they have hidden and it some of the files it tells how to get my password and how to make changes to the settings so Im not sure if having a encrypted password would work.

I deleted my sqlite editor but heres what part of the script says: Authenticate as an administrator + allow password extraction. confirm-access-password. I called my ISP and they told me how to rest the router and changed the password over the phone but Im pretty sure my iPhone is effected as well so the hackers heard the entire conversation. Thanks again

EDIT: Im going to the police department tomorrow and file an official report. The detective I spoke to said since they took so much money out of my checking out they'll want to find these guys.
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