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Dec 23, 2013
Hi well to cut a long story short, I was trying to change my iphone battery which failed miserably because
1) the cable attached to the battery (that you clip onto the phone) has snapped.
2) both the plastic tools have snapped also so I cannot pry the battery out.

Do you think this sounds repairable? I'm going to take it to a phone repair shop and hopefully it'll just be like a normal battery replacement because all they'll have to so is take the battery out but Urgh, I'm never attempting this again


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Feb 7, 2013
A mile high
Long answer, yes. Short answer, I almost bought an iphone 5 with a chipped battery connector and a destroyed LCD connector that was missing pieces along with the screen that was coming up from the frame and the LCD was bad, and it was repairable.
Does that answer your question?

Yes, everything is repairable. The question is if its worth it. Like, if Ganhdi had severe issues with his back....repairable? Yep. Worth it...Im not gonna answer that.


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Jul 24, 2009
You just need to purchase a new battery and then warm your phone up. When I say warm up I don't mean in a microwave I mean grab a hot water bottle fill with boiling water then place your phone on that for 5 minutes. That will soften the glue and allow you to pry the battery out.
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