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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MacBoobsPro, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Content providers (i.e. ABC, HBO etc) will produce apps to very strict Apple guidelines (for consistency) or Apple will write the apps to stream a feed from the content providers. These 'apps' can then be subscribed to on your AppleTV.

    Pay per view apps for special events/rentals are also a possibility. Once the event is over/has been watched the app automatically erases itself.

    This way Apple gets a slice of the pie and has control over the experience from the studios.

    It fits right in with the model that everyone knows, iTunes, iPods, Apps, etc.

    Just a thought. :)

    Can you tell I'm bored at work?
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    Excellent post!

    Apples expertise is charging their customers for everything possible. Getting a cut from the companies & developers that create content, the apps, and every other component in Apples proprietary business model.

    The masterful way they've hooked the public into their cash cow is plain genius. No other company I know of has it's customers bragging about how much of THEIR money the company has acquired.
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    This is true.

    Personally I have reached a point where I am unwilling to see more of my cash streaming through Apple for their cut. (I am not talking computer hardware)

    I doubt I am alone in this.
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    This can also obviously scale to iPods, iPhones and iPads too so its a MASSIVE yet simple move if they do it this way. :)

    New content providers could spring up and a new market created too. A bit like Podcasts on steroids. Download a template app from Apple, record your TV show upload the app to the store. Boom, you just created your own TV channel and its available to millions of people on millions of devices. Get some adverts squeezed in and your making money from it (and Apple too).

    I've always wanted my own comedy sketch show :)

    I may get writing it now :D
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    I have been asking for this since I bought my ATV2, the day it was released I wanted apps from TV networks. I am sick of paying for 100 channels I don't watch. I'd rather pay $5 a month for the few channels I do watch. I have been looking for a way to for my the few channels I watch (a la carte), and drop Time Warner. I fear that as more people drop cable and only get Internet through Time Warner, Cox or whatever provider they have they will increase the hell out of the price of internet to make up for their losses.

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    In Sweden, you can get a pack from a content provider where you get loads of channels plus their respective on demand content, movie channels with the full movie library as on demand (in case you don't want to watch what's on at the moment) plus sport channels. In HD of course. Partners are Disney, WB, Sony, Fox, NBC, MGM, Premier League, Champions League, PGA, Formula 1, Nascar, NHL and more.

    They offer everything cross platforms as well. iOS, Android, TV... All this for about USD 25 per month. Only TV and movies is half of that, and only TV is half of that.

    If Apple would manage to make them offer me my own selection of channels and part of movie libraries and keep the rest as on demand renting (like subscribing to the kids movie channel and then renting action movies once a week) to a decent price as subscriptions through a set top box like the ATV2 - they would have cracked it big time.
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    Another benefit I didn't totally recognise. You only pay for 'channels' you want instead of crappy packages.

    As it stands if you want channel C you need to buy A & B. But A & B are crap so you end up paying for 3 channels and only one is worth watching.

    With app channels ('Appels' hehe) you pay for what you want much like individual songs purchases off iTunes.
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    Steve was actually surveying the damage after playing on his Wii when he lost his grip on his 'mote...

    Forgive me if that joke has been done already, it's 2am and I thought it funny...
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    Thats why he's putting Siri into the new ATV lol. Theres nothing to throw at the screen. :D

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