I've done research: I still need help: iMac?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by boston44, Sep 5, 2010.

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    May 8, 2009
    Alright, so I've looked at all of Apple's iMacs, the 21.5 and 27 inch models as well as the previous gen refurbished. I'm just wondering what route is right for me: the avid internet user, flash user, very light video editor, and photographer. I want something fast, but I think even 3.06 works for that. Budget on me is around $1,300, if at all possible, but I could go up to $1,600. I don't care if it's new, used, refurbed.. I know I can get the last gen low end 21.5 inch model for around $900. I am unsure what I could possibly pick up the 27 inch previous for on craigslist. Anyways, what really stumps me are graphics. I want graphics better than I have now (Nvidia 9400M), but I don't know if the ATI or new Nvidia are better for what I'm trying to do? I've been a laptop user all my life, first time I'm considering an iMac. Thanks for your input.
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    That is currently "the best bang for buck" iMac. You really want the 27" for photography and that refurb is less than the current base 27" but still a lot faster. You won't really need the power but it's always nice to have it when thinking about future
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    You probably don't want to hear this, but I would recommend getting a Windows 7 Media Center PC instead of an iMac. I considered an iMac, but they don't really make sense. The all in one design looks cool at first, but then you realize that you still have add a hard drive for backup, a blu ray player, and then there's still no ability to upgrade in the future. And the specs are very meager for the price.

    I bought two Windows 7 Media center PCs instead. They each have two 750 GB hard drives; I use one in an automatic back up mode. They have 8 MB of RAM, so video editing and rendering is very fast. Best of all is the Windows Media Center software. Mine came with a built in digital tuner, so I receive over the air HD broadcasts as well as having my usual cable channels connected. I almost always run a window of HD news or sports on my screen while working, which is really cool. The really nice programming guide is free and customized to my channels. It works great as a DVR and will stream to my big screen TV in another room, or any computer on my network. (The Anystream technology doesn't work with Mac, still.). It's loaded with USB and video outputs, including HDMI, and has both IR in and out, so it can control a cable box.

    In the last year, the OS has been rock solid; I've never had a single crash vs. one or two a month on my Macbook.

    Each PC was about $1000 plus monitor of choice. And I can upgrade the monitor or any of the components easily at any time.

    I think Apple has nice laptops, but lately they seem to be devoting all their attention to iPhones and iToys and not doing much to improve their iMacs or Mac Pros.
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    Feb 15, 2009
    I agree with this, the 27" i5 refurb is currently at a great price! Failing that, the base model 21.5" would probably suit you just fine as well, but the 27 would have better graphics. [​IMG]
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    The refurb iMac that was linked includes a 1TB hard drive. That's plenty enough space for storage. If a redundant backup is needed, an external hard drive can be had on NewEgg for mere pennies.

    Why would he need to add a blu-ray player? Nothing he stated in his "needs" suggested a blu-ray player.

    Methinks you're overthinking this.
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    Only bad thing about the iMac for photography is the glossy display. You will have to ensure your monitor is calibrated and your photos are matched with whatever method you print them with (if at all). Matte display would be ideal but the ACD may be overkill for your needs.
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    May 8, 2009
    Thanks for the replies guys. Obviously I wanted an iMac and wasn't even considering a PC, but after hearing some positives on that I'll give it a look at least. I don't need a blue-ray player, I actually have two in my house- however I guess it is a nice feature. I can get a base model now at an extremely good price, below Apple's refurb even. That would leave me quite a bit to work with for some extras, maybe even an ACD.. On the photography note, while a matte would benefit me more, I can live with a glossy display. I don't do too serious video editing or photography, but it's more than the average person by far and I would like options in the future should I want to intensify this. I looked at the refurb 27" quad-core, which I really like. Seems like a great deal compared ot the $2,000 model in the stores now. I'll continue mulling options and search craigslist.. Thanks for all the help guys, a lot to think about!
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    The funny thing with this is how people regard the Mac vs PC concept. As a recent convert (9 months PC free and counting), when I tell someone I have a Mac their first response is "are you into photography or music recording or something?" I am into music, and no this is not why I purchased a Mac.

    You are talking photography, so I would consider what I have heard is the norm for the industry, a Mac opposed to a PC. I am all for getting the right tool for the job. So you could purchase two PCs for the price. Why not then purchase 4 netbooks for the same price. If two computers that don't meet your needs aren't enough, you might as well have four.

    The point is, if it meets your needs, then go for it. The price accompanies the desire. Don't adjust your desire to meet a financial goal. If this means you have to save up, then do so. If the PC meets your needs, then spend what you will to meet that need. Do not be tempted by the "you could have bought" thought process. Although I highly recommend Mac, I am trying to keep some sort of equal ground is response to your needs. You are also on Mac forum, which would generally mean, you will get responses that favor the OS X operating system and its correlating line of computers.:apple:

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