I've had it with AOL radio app, trying something else

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by rtphokie, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Jul 11, 2008
    The volume issues are just too much to deal with. The volume is so low, it's unlistenable in anything but a nearly silent environment. Sound is so overdriven on many of the CBS radio stations that it sounds horrible.

    But I'm still able to listen to all the CBS radio stations I like on my iPod touch with great sound with just a bit of effort. orb.com was the solution for me. I think orb is only available for Windows but there may be similar solutions for

    CBS Radio uses a flash app to stream radio on the web, the trick is figuring out the URL that app uses to actually stream the audio. FireFox users can use FireBug to see the requests your browser is making. The URL you need is the only request which is to an IP address instead of a named host. Once you've installed Orb on your home PC and setup an account on orb.com, put that URL in a custom internet radio channel in Orb. When you visit www.orb.com from your iPhone / iPod touch, look under audio->internet radio favorites and select your newly created channel. It will stream just about anything a PC can handle (including windows streaming media) but do it via streaming MP3 which is compatible with the iPhone/iPod touch.

    This method doesn't give you album cover art and now playing information but at least it's listenable. I also like having all my streaming audio (several radio stations, XM radio via uXM, etc). Orb also provides streaming access to the MP3s and other audio, video and photos on your PC.
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