Ive seen the light... And boy is it BRIGHT !!!!


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Sep 29, 2006
Well, im nearly 28 years old and after more than 15 years, I have finally seen the light.

My gaming days are behind me and I now need a personal computer which will help me to organise my life, not hinder it. I also now appreciate the finer things in life :)

Im going to sell my PC ASAP and get a Mac Mini then come next year, Im going to buy myself a nice big "Leopard" :)

Will let you know how selling the PC goes.


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Aug 16, 2005
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Gimpymoo said:
Well, im nearly 28 years old and after more than 15 years, I have finally seen the light.
In case you're wondering you can stop the pulsating of the sleep light with a little bit of electrical tape. (Or just shut the Mac down instead of putting it to sleep) :p

Oh. Not that light?




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Sep 20, 2005
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I finally sold my Windows gaming rig earlier this year with similar thoughts as yours in mind... meaning that I can put PC gaming behind me and start being serious about what really matters to me: graphic design, photography, and video editing

I still play console games quite often, but I like to use a computer to be productive. My Mac inspired me to get into so many things, video editing being one of them. I hope you enjoy your Mac as much as I have. It really is a lifestyle of its own.


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Sep 23, 2006
switching to mac

well good luck with that ;) I tried the switching thing, and somehow I always end up using a PC to do certain things, it comes down to a computer is a tool for me, so I have a task and I need it done, it has been quite a task to do a lot of the task I want with just the mac.. take a look at a bunch of the posts of things I struggle with on my site... just some things ya can't do.. as far as I know...

look around the site and feel free to comment on any of the posts...



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Jun 9, 2006
kondspi said:
Use Boot Camp!
Works for me. Now that I've got NeoOffice the only thing I need to use XP in Bootcamp for is a few games.

The only other exception is to sync/backup my Pocket PC as I still can't get PocketMac to work on my MacBook.