Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs actually shipping next week?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 73CortinaV8, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. 73CortinaV8 macrumors 6502

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  2. Ccrew macrumors 68020

    Feb 28, 2011
    Launching and shipping are two totally different things, so wait to see where it goes. That said, it's not unheard of at all to get limited quantities, and Ivy Bridge has technically been "released" albeit not shipped.
  3. thundersteele macrumors 68030

    Oct 19, 2011
    Those models showed up a few weeks ago but then were pulled from the website again. Back then, some blogs mentioned a possible April 8 release.

    As far as I know, the delay was "a few weeks" for the quad core mobile CPUs, and "until June" for some of the lower power dual cores. This rumor does not contradict any other rumors.

    HP might be able to ship a small number of these models on April 8, before the Ivy Bridge launch (which is rumored to be on April 29).
  4. shardey macrumors 6502a


    Jan 28, 2010
    So Ivy Bridge uses LGA 1155, the same as Sandy Bridge? I really wish Apple wasn't so restrictive and used socketed mobile chips for the MBPs. I would definitely be interested in a CPU swap.
  5. macmastersam macrumors 6502a

    Sep 14, 2011
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    it isnt just hp as well, many other major companies like dell and the chromebooks look like they are preparing for ivy bridge CPUs as well.

    chromebook news:

    and for dell, when i recently checked on thier site, the XPS 8300 and the inspiron duo seem to be removed from thier site, so they must be preparing for newer brands of the netbook and the tower PC.
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    do all markets get things like this at the same time since that looks like an Aisan aritcle is it possible the Asian Markets can get them a few weeks sooner?
  7. Ohrstrom macrumors 6502


    Mar 18, 2012
    Sounds really off that for instance Apple would release something in Asia before the US. :O

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