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    After a protracted wait, I ordered the Quattro3 on the 18th of February and I did not receive it until the 7th of April, that is over 6 weeks. Even then I did not get what I ordered which was a Black Special edition model for 10 dollars more then the standard edition, it would have been weeks longer to get one so I agreed to take the standard Q3 case and have my account credited for the rest. I am not happy with the customer service from Ivyskin and they don't seem to have a good reputation with new product introductions and there availability. Indeed for the many complaints reported to the BBB concerning the introduction of the Quattro T4 case for the iPhone 4G last summer Ivyskin was given the boot from that organization, something i did not know before I ordered. As you can tell by this statement I have no connection to Ivyskin.

    Here is the link to the BBB report:

    Now the Case: It is too bad Ivyskin has the above reputation the Quattro3 (Q3) case is a really nice one. It has a very thin glass shield for the Touch's screen. The case is a four layered affair that does not bulk up the 4G by much. In fact the dimensions of the Touch 4G with the case installed are about the same as my Touch 2G minus it's case. It fits nicely in all of the docking ports I have, I can't comment on the Apple Dock, don't have one. I can't tell the difference in screen sensitivity. The home button has a nice feel to it and the up and down buttons for the volume work as they should. The sleep button on my case takes a little getting used too you have to push it at a precise angle to get it to work, a minor irritation. I purchased the black case it is a nice flat black and looks real sharp. Thus encased my Touch feels like an uncased Touch. The construction quality is great, Placing your Touch into this case is not as easy as some of the other cases I have had. The glass protective screen is a separate piece, you have to first place it in position on the case and then you have to carefully insert the Touch in sliding if forward into position. It took me several tries to get the Glass positioned correctly in the case body. Be sure to carefully wash your hands the glass is a finger print magnet and it is a real PIA to get the Touch back out and clean finger prints off of the inside of the protect glass screen. In fact my advice is to get some medical examination gloves to assemble this case, I wish I had done this it would have saved time. The Q3 comes with extra button inserts for the volume controls the sleep button, and home button, as well as a couple of inserts to seal the Touch's docking port in the base, because they are separate pieces they will be quickly lost, not cool. There is a micro fiber cloth to clean the screen.

    Do I like this case, Yes, it is good looking, doesn't get in the way of docking port usability, it has a nice external finish the feels good in the hand and slides nicely into a shirt pocket, It is something of a pain to insert your touch into it but once installed it feels like it an uncased Touch. Is it the most protective case you can buy, no. In my option it is Otterbox Defender that gives the best protection. In fact it is an Otterbox My Touch 4G was in before I finally received the Quattro3. One thing I need to point out the opening you see showing the Apple symbol on the back of the Otterbox is a polycarbonate window it is not open to the back of the iPod Touch, I have read on other forum this is open, and it is not!!! I will freely admit I almost did not make the switch I really like the Otterbox Defender case. I decided since I spent the money for the Q3 I might just as well use it and see how I like it. If you are comparing to 2 side by side, if dropping your Touch into a docking stand without a problem is important them get the Q3, if maximum protection is more important then get the Otterbox Defender. A friend of mine is a truck driver and has his Touch 4G encased in an Otterbox Defender he drives an 18 wheeler while getting out of the cab of his Peterbult he has dropped his 4G several times at a height of a least 8 feet to the pavement his touch bounced around but neither the case or the Touch where damaged, I don't think a Touch would survive such a drop if encased in a Q3.

    I would give the Q3 4 Stars out of 5, 4 because of the minor difficulty in assembly

    However I would give Ivyskin 1 star out of 5. Poor communications, a habit of announcing a release date for a new product and then not having any such product to ship but still taking your orders and your money. I really like the Q3 case, Ivyskin ships very fast as long as they have the item in their inventory. I friend of mine ordered a case for the 1st model iPad and received it in 4 days. In the future if I do order anything from them I will make sure they have it in stock to ship. Ivyskin does make some really nifty external batteries for the Apple devices.

    Link for the Q3: http://www.ivyskin.com/ipod-touch4g...-touch-4g-glass-touch-thrutm-screen-case.html

    Link for The Otterbox Defender: http://www.otterbox.com/iPod-Touch-...&start=1&cgid=ipod-touch-4th-generation-cases

    I hope this is useful for all of you out there in Touch Land. :D
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    Update to My Review

    The Quattro T3 4G case is nice, good looking, and not bulky however the glass touch through shield is a terrible finger print magnet, and difficult to keep clean. The glass pane is very reflective and difficult to see through in Sun glare. I have returned my Touch 4G to the Otterbox Defender case. It is bulkier then the Q3 but it does not show finger prints, does not have a glare problem and protects my 64gig 4G so much better then the Q3 case. I like the built in flaps that seal both the 30 pin docking port and the phone jack. Thanks to the inner case both cameras are recessed protecting them just that much better. I also like fact that thanks to the silicon outer casing it is easy to prop the Touch against something to view videos without a stand. The case on the Q3 is too hard and slick and slides easily making a stand a necessity. Originally the Otterbox Defender was my second choice for a case. My first choice was the Q3 but when it was apparent I was not going to get the Q3 anytime soon I ordered the Otterbox, which came in the mail in just 3 days. If I had been able to compare the two cases in the flesh the Otterbox would have been my first choice.:)
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    This will be my last entry on this thread:

    As you know the Quattro 3 has a glass touch through screen. It apparently has a flash metallic coating like a camera lens which is how inductive qualities of your finger tip is transmitted through to the digitizer in the Touch's screen. I notice that you can see a rainbow dispersion shimmer from this molecular coating on the glass panel. It is only visible in bright, and blank areas of the screen. :)

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