iWatch Leaks?

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    Hey guys,

    To start this off, let me say that I thought the iPhone thread would be the best place to post this because the iPhone is supposed to work well with the iWatch. Let me get to the point. Do you guys think that we'll see any iWatch leaks? By leaks, I don't mean tidbits of information, but pictures of parts of the iWatch similar to what we see before almost every iPhone and iPad release. Did the Origional iPhone and iPad have any physical leaks before their announcements? If there are any leaks, feel free to post them.

    Thanks guys!
  2. KenAFSPC, Jul 28, 2013
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    We will almost certainly see leaks 2-3 months before release, around the time when manufacturing ramps up overseas.

    Historically, Apple has only been able to avoid leaks when they announce a product before manufacturing (overseas) begins. There are just too many links in the supply chain to keep a product secret once manufacturing begins.
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    This isn't the iPhone thread. It's the iOS 7 forum.

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    Be funny if iWatch was a new streaming service for AppleTV, in the same vein as iRadio.

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