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    Jun 23, 2010

    I have a copy of iWeb 3.0.4 (601) which I believe was the last version released. Recently I decided to throw a basic web site together for fun so I fired up iWeb (which I have used in the past) and added a couple of pages. The menu at the top became populated and all looked good.

    Unfortunately, when I viewed the published web site in Chrome (Version 29.0.1547.62) I quickly realised that the menu bar was missing. So I fired up the site in Firefox and Safari and, sure enough, all was fine.

    Thinking the problem was simply a javascript issue with the menu I added some links to access a gallery page directly from the front page but Chrome refuses to display the galleries too.

    I assume there is something wrong with Chrome's handling of the javascript generated by iWeb.

    Unfortunately I don't know javascript and I happen to really like the Darkroom theme so I'm hoping to get this working.

    Does anyone have any idea what I can try to fix this?
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    Try validating your JS just to check there's nothing wrong there. Sorry, I don't have any links to hand right now (I'm on an iPad) but a quick Google should turn something up.

    I suspect it's more likely you have an error in the JS rather than an error in Chrome.
  3. kiwisteve, Aug 31, 2013
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    Jun 23, 2010
    I found something called "Javascript Lint" and ran the navbar.js file through it and it looks like there are small errors in the javascript. Unfortunately it also looks like the errors are repeated throughout the file.

    It's odd that both Firefox and Safari can parse the files just fine while Chrome fails :confused:

    I can't see any easy solution to this since every time I publish the web site it's going to rewrite the code with the errors. I'd have to develop the whole site using Firefox for testing then edit all the files to fix the errors. Somewhat impractical :(
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    At this point, I'd say iWeb is too long in the tooth and perhaps finding a different solution to throw together a simple website.

    check out Sandvox Its along the same lines as iWeb in terms of learning curve.

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