iWeb and iPhoto icons too similar? (.icns project)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by MacBoobsPro, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I have found more and more that when I am working and switching between apps etc I quite often mistake the iPhoto icon for the iWeb icon in my dock. When entrenched with work and zipping around the screen a quick glance at either icon and a reflex movement to open one of them often results in the wrong app opening. So you have to stop working, wait for the wrong app to load then close it.

    Does anybody else think the two icons are too similar?

    Sure I could separate them a bit more in the dock but I keep my apps in a particular order in the dock to aid my workflow. Wouldnt the best thing be to change the icon of iWeb? I think all it needs is the colour of the orange photo changing to blue or something to distinguish it more from the iPhoto icon.

    Thats just me venting and kind of trying to drum up support so you will send feedback to Apple to get it changed. ;)

    I've sent mine. :)

    "Do it!"
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    I was going to make my own iWeb.icns file but with Leopard the icon files need to be around 512x512 and I couldn't figure it out in Icon Builder so I've attached the edited iWeb icon. If anyone can make it into an .icns file (with all the correct sizes) and reupload that would be cool.


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    I don't reallllly understand the problem. You're saying that iphoto and iweb look to similar? There are lots of replacements out there, just change them. Or you could keep them further away in the dock, make the dock bigger or just take more time when you're clicking in the dock.
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    Like I've said I tend to keep my dock icons in a particular order for workflow purposes. The dock is a good size already and I am loathe to increase it, that infact would probably not solve the problem anyway. I have moved the icons apart but still when in the heat of work and pressure etc at a quick glance they still tend to get mixed up. I know a couple of other people that think the same.

    Yes I can 'take time' to look at the dock more but it doesnt really work like that. Its more to do with subconscious awareness. If I told you to open iTunes on your computer you have an idea where the icon is and what it looks like but you won't spend time 'studying' it to make sure its right you will just automatically click on it thinking its right. Its hard to explain but its more apparent when under pressure to get things done.

    Adobe solved this problem in CS3 by changing the very similar looking icons of the Creative Suite in CS2 to simple blocks of bright colours.
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    I can't seem to find any way to change the iWeb icon. I've tried the normal copy/paste method, as well as going into the package bundles and replacing the icns files with customs, but I just end up with the default ICNS icon. Also, tried Candybar, but iWeb is the ONLY application that doesn't seem to appear. Any ideas?? Thanks.

    Mac OS 10.6.6

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