iWeb blog RSS feed tries to access previously deleted personal domain?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by MacBoobsPro, May 28, 2008.

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    Jan 10, 2006
    A while back I tried to set up a personal domain through .mac and like many other people it didnt work. So I deleted the personal domain in .mac.

    Now I have decided to change my online design portfolio into a blog format using iWeb and .mac. I have spent over 2 months creating my site all based around the blogging capabilities of iWeb. Now when I upload a test version the RSS feed tries to go to my old personal domain instead of the place it should go and as such a big part of what my site is to be based around (visitor interaction) is not working.

    Why is the RSS feed still going to my personal domain (which never worked properly to begin with) instead of web.mac.com/etc...?

    I have re-uploaded the site many times, cleared caches, even erased the RSS button and placed a new one in the the hope it would work but still it goes to my personal domain that no longer exists.

    Help would be greatly appreciated as I am losing potential business because of this problem.
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    Jan 10, 2006
    Here is the URL:


    many links don't work as its still being worked on.

    If you click the RSS button on the page it takes you to:

    http://www.stuartluff.co.uk (my personal domain, since deleted from .mac)

    which inturn forwards you to


    (which is correct behaviour)

    I use web forwarding from UKReg.com to simply forward www.stuartluff.co.uk to the above URL.

    If you click the RSS button in the address bar it goes here:


    when infact both should go here:


    and as you can see on the correct RSS page the image doesnt show correctly and the link to 'read more' takes you back to

    http://www.stuartluff.co.uk which is wrong.

    Basically my domain of www.stuartluff.co.uk should not come into the equation until I tell it to which is once everything is working and uploaded. Then I will forward www.stuartluff.co.uk to http://web.mac.com/stuartluff2/test2...e/welcome.html

    I hope that makes sense. Its really quite simple but the fact the RSS links are sending you to 2 different places that are both wrong it makes it sound more complicated.

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