iWeb darkroom layout thumbnail picture glitch or....?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Gloor, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I have a web page with darkroom layout. I added blog and under individual entries added some text and a movie in .mov format. I use the same codec etc. for encoding it and it also worked before but not now. Well, what is the problem?

    The problem is that when I click on blog, i have individual entries and then i can go read more or click on the name of the entry and go to the individual where i can see the movie etc. That is ok but what is not ok is that I don't have a picture showing what the movie is ie. before it showed a part of the movie I wanted so people could see what the movie is about. How can I put it back there so that the movie I add has automatically added a picture on the blog overview?
    It worked before with the same movie files but it doesn't work anymore. Anyone knows?
    Also, it doesn't work either in iWeb or when i publish it even though the pictures are published and are actually in the folder so they were created by iWeb but just don't show in either of them. :(
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    Here are two pics of what i actually mean. On the first one you can see that the picture for the video is only working for one and on the other one you see the video, that should have the picture on the picture number 1. I hope that will be more clear to what I actually mean. Sorry for the confusion.

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    After a lot of testing I found the problem and fixed it. When you add entry and it shows you the picture of the lake you mustn't delete it. Instead, you drag a movie over it and it will change automatically. If you delete the lake picture and then drag a movie there then you lose the thumbnail picture in the overview. Not sure why but you just do.
    I'm glad I found a solution and I hope that I helped someone there too. :) Let me know if you still struggle with it :)
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    Thanks for posting the answer. I'm sure someone will come along and find it of use. It's too bad no one was able to help out, but sometimes that how it goes.
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