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    very interesting site...

    so you have some how captured the smell of the 1920s in a candle? Not sure if i really want to smell the 1920s but anyway..i have some criticism.

    it took me about a minute to figure out what you were actually selling. At first, I thought you were a band, then I thought you sold gravestones, and now I see that its scented candles. (that was my thought process) and that is a very imporant thing for someone new to your site.

    I dont like the font. Its very hard on my eyes, maybe thats just me. But words seem to blur together making it hard to read. Finally I just dont see the purpose of this site to be honest. I mean if you are going to try to advertise your candles online, you really should have a mechaism for people to buy the candles on the website. Now maybe this is your first run-through of the site and you are still working on it but I really doubt someone will wander onto the site and then love the product so much that they will take time to email or call you to which they will then have to go to another retailer to get the candle. Way too much effort, and how many retailers are you selling through? i would imagine very local small shops..so they will have to ship the candle to me?

    In summary, spend more time describing the product...you say there's stuff on the back...show an example. And unless you are going for a death/cemetery theme..i would change the font, background color, and tone of the site. Its hard to sell scented candles with what you got but it is a start and that is what counts
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