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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by LouiTheFish, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Hey all,
    Here's the story:
    We started a leather journal-making business, threw together a quick and very simple website in iWeb, hosted it on MobileMe, had our domain from GoDaddy forward to the MobileMe address, now we can't get on Google searches. I've uploaded the HTML file that Google gives out for their bot to find you more easily, I've attempted metadata integration, I've tried to figure out ways to get the GoDaddy domain recognized. What I really need is this; how do I get metadata or a recognizable HTML file into my GoDaddy domain so that Google searches can find us without hosting there? A second, less important question; how can I make my website accessible without typing www. in front of it? When I don't do that now it redirects me to the MobileMe error page...

    Thanks! Looking forward to your response
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    Google's not indexing your site because how iWeb encodes your website. That is, it uses html/javescript in such a way that the bots cannot automatically traverse your site. You need to build your website with a tool that creates SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly code. I use RapidWeaver and recommend it highly.

    iWeb is a great tool, but its design is for personal use for publishing small flat sites. Its not really intended to commercial use where you need to make money. Google will eventually index your site, but I believe it will only be the main page since it cannot access any other pages, because the links to those pages are in javascript and not straight html code.
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    So even if I use RapidWeaver am I still going to have this issue?
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    You don't get meta data into your GogDaddy domain. Meta data is in the web pages. As far as not requiring www, GoDaddy should have a control panel where you can make this change. You'll be adding a CNAME.

    Here's some software for improving SEO for an iWeb site. It's doesn't make everything better, but does improve upon iWeb.

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