iWeb - How or 'repackage' and unpackaged iWeb Domain file

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    How to Repackage an unpackaged iWeb Domain file ?

    OK this will make sense shortly. But first - I know what the Domain file is and what it does...


    So I want to help a friend update her iWeb site. She lives overseas, so I suggested she FTP her domain file to my server. My plan was to download it from there, do the tricky stuff then send the updtaed file back.

    Problem: it is no longer a single file, but appears as a series of files and folders, as one gets when clicking "open package contents"

    In the absence of a

    "put contents back into a package and call this package Domain"


    What can I do.

    Or is there a way of "repackaging" files in OSX

    Hope this makes sense

    PS - FTP-ed 'cos was too big to e-mail
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    Assuming this is for the latest version of iWeb, as long as the folder is named Domain.sites2, it will appear as a package. Just make sure there's no other extension on the name of the file or anything like that, and just place it in the proper folder.


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