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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by AppleNewton, Jun 26, 2009.

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    btw this is iWeb '09 and its on a separate user account

    Does anyone know how to completely remove iWeb published sites from a website?

    I was trying to test iWeb for a blog addition to my website, however it decided that it didnt want to specifically tell me where iw ould be publishing this website to.

    so now my main index.html file is gone though i have a back up of it however just deleting the iweb folders and files on my FTP (Filezilla) doesnt seem to help nor does replacing the html with the right one.

    I thought originally when i first was publishing iweb to my site it was going in its own separate directory...but apparently not..iweb is a bit frustrating to deal with an di just want it completely removed from my website.
    it apparently published itself at the root level then redirects you to this subfolder on my domain.

    i tried deleting all the pages in iweb but the Main (with the globe next to it) will be unpublish or go away.

    Lesson learned...so any tips on completely flushing iweb from my site so i can redirect clients to it again?

    thanks alot!
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    Where's the site hosted? Can you FTP into the directory and clear out the remaining files? Try using Cyberduck

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