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    I am remaking my website and was curious if there was a code or something new for a iWeb site to be more friendly with windows? Mainly outside of safari and firefox. I never had many problems though I have heard from others that they have. I plan to learn a better way on making sites but for the time iWeb is my web creation. I simply use godaddy and the old fashion way pre all these new options. I am writing this from my iPhone so I don't have all the wording correct when it comes to the "newer" ways.
    Thanks for any info.
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    Nope, the power and weakness of iWeb is that it shields the person from direct manipulation of HTML code. Now you can insert html snippets but there's nothing within the snippets that would make iWeb more PC friendly.

    Personally, given the limits of iWeb, and in all likelihood apple dropping it, I'd go with RapidWeaver. You'll get an easy to use web creation tool, with tons of plugins to extend the power, and the volume of available themes is mind blowing

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