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iWeb Newbie, Have A Few Questions

Austin M.

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Original poster
Jul 29, 2010
Hi, I'm new here and have recently quit the Touch Arcade forums because I like Mac stuff and just not gaming. Anyway, I'm fourteen, and I have a few questions about my iWeb site and iWeb '09 in general along with some other questions.

Basically, I run an App Reviewing site called On The Edge Apps (I'm not advertising my site, just asking for some advice).

Here are my questions:
• I have looked at a lot of the threads, but I can't find any good FREE iWeb theme threads, they have all been paid, are there any other sites beside 11Mystics, iWebTemplate, iPresentee, etc. that have free iWeb templates.
• It has been a real challenge to get my iWeb design up and running, took me 3 months, and I have been thinking, is this really worth it? I have been advised that Wordpress and Blogger blogs are much easier and they both have great customization. Should I switch or just stick with what I have?
• Is there any way to add a shape, image, or particular item to every page all at once instead of manually adding to every page? This is very frustrating due to the fact that blogs usually have lots of entries and if I did a change to the background, I would have to go through every post and fix the background, is there any way to change this?

Any help is great, thanks!!!
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