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    I have begun the 60 day trial of MobileMe to see if I want to move away from my existing personal website host. I originally created my website using Freeway. In my first try at experimenting with iWeb I created two pages of a new site and published it which gives it a url of <http://web.mac.com/sitesname/iWeb/Site/Home.html>. I then went into my Freeway application to upload that site to see if it would work and override the one I created with iWeb. It uploaded but didn't override it. Instead I now have another url <http://homepage.mac.com/sitesname/>. In iDisk the former site is found in the Web folder and the latter site is found in a folder titled Sites. Can anyone explain what is going on and how they can both be up at the same time on one account?

    I will supply any additional information needed to help. Thanks so much.
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    Aug 10, 2008
    This is corect and is how it works

    The Web folder is exclusively for web sites created with iWeb
    The Sites folder is used to store websites created by other web design progs (Freeway/RapidWeaver and any others)
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    So basically...

    what you are saying is that I can have two different websites?

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    Dec 6, 2008
    iweb buttons Question

    i dont know where to post this question so here it is.
    i made some buttons in photoshop CS3 and saved them a PNG file and imported it to iweb is there any way i can make it clickable or do i just have to drag it over say the home link at the top of my page???
    please help me thanks.
    P.S. sorry if this is a bad place to post this. =0
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    I'm not sure this is 100% true. I bought a domain from GoDaddy and uploaded my site (created in Dreamweaver) to the Sites folder and could not get it to appear. I then moved it to the Web > Sites folder and everything is working perfectly now.

    I'm not 100% sure why, because when I was just using the homepage.mac.com/username site it worked fine from the Sites folder, but GoDaddy (set up according to both GD's and MM's instructions) didn't seem to recognize it at all until I moved it to the Web > Sites folder on my iDisk.

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