iweb pages using mobile me load wrong website

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    I'm not exactly sure how to explain this, so I'll try to do so with images...

    Basically, I publish some of my pages with iweb and use mobile me, but when I try to open those pages sometimes it comes up as some random search engine instead of the page its supposed to be.

    It happens with any page I use through iweb/mobile me... but its just on this one machine. If I open the pages on my iphone or other macbook pro, they load fine.

    It started happening this afternoon, so I reset safari which didn't help, then I recovered safari via time machine to a previous backup made earlier in the day. This fixed it temporarily but now it's happening again and I tried recovering safari again via time machine but it didn't help.

    This is one of the pages that its happening with: http://web.me.com/idesign245/maple/maple.html

    and this is the page that loads:

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    Load wrong website

    Hi - how are you viewing the site? Are you clicking "View" from within iWeb, or manually typing in the address in your Safari window, or loading a bookmark in Safari? Sometimes if you type the address slightly off, it will bring up a wrong website, and then if you haven't cleared your history the next time you start typing the URL it autofills the incorrect one. So if you just start typing a few letters and then hit return to load the autofilled page it brings up the wrong one.

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