iWeb site not displaying properly on IE?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by rossgumbrell, Apr 20, 2010.

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    Hi Guys

    In the process of making an iweb site, still alot to do though.
    Uploaded what i have done so far and have run into a problem when viewing it on my sisters windows computer at work.

    The page in question is:


    The flash window on the left that displays the panoramic looks fine on my laptop with Safari and Firefox, though on my sisters Windows (whom most of my audience will be viewing with) the flash box only comes down to 3/4s of its propper size, exposing the shape i have placed behind it to act as a border. :confused:

    Does anyone have any idea on what may be causing this and maybe a solution? Could it actually be a problem with my sisters work computer?!

    Thanks a bunch guys!

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    That's IE, not your sisters computer. I tried it on my work computer and exhibited the same issue you described. I'm running ie6 on my work computer by the way.

    IE is not the most compliant browser, so that's your problem.
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  4. rossgumbrell thread starter macrumors regular

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    Thanks for the response guys! :)

    So, i guess we've established that IE is the problem.
    Now, as far as my understanding goes, IE is the most common web browser in use? Especially in working environments where i will be directing the site towards.

    Can i format the site somehow so it works as it should on IE? Even if it means sacrificing how it looks on Firefox and other browsers? :(

    Im brainstorming, and the only solution i can come up with is place some text behind the flash window on the left at the bottom, so if the viewer looks at the site on IE, the flash window will be resized, displaying the text which could read along the lines off: "Please view in Firefox to display site correctly". Not pretty but its something.

    I have taco html editor? would this be able to change things?
  5. MacTech68, Apr 20, 2010
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    I'm no guru on web-design, but I know I ran into css problems with IE and how it respects borders and widths (can't remember exactly where the issue lies but that may be the problem).

    My reason for posting, however, is to point you towards a site I find very useful for viewing pages in various browsers.


    You may notice that some pages have already been generated. I notice that IE 8 on XP seems to render OK.

    I would recommend selecting "None" at the bottom of the page, then selecting only a few browser/platform combinations.

    I've known developers who've had windows boxes setup purely to test rendering of websites. :eek:
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