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  1. Cheriegate macrumors newbie

    Dec 29, 2008
    I'm getting sick of how long a rather simple iWeb page takes to load up.

    Is there a way out of this?

    Sure it's beautiful but after 15 seconds an user is gone, it's taking way too long.

  2. xUKHCx Administrator emeritus


    Jan 15, 2006
    The Kop
    iWeb does create slow sites especially if you have images on it, but it is also a little rubbish in terms of managing the images.

    For example if you have a background image that is used on all pages it stores the image inside each page's folder. Editting the html after it has been published can help speed things up quite considerably. I use MassReplaceIt to do the edits afterwards as once you have the initial set up it is very quick. Also have a look in the folders to check on the images and try seeing if you can make optimisations there.

    Just a few general tips.

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