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    I am using iWeb to set up a mini website for our newborn for extended and distant family. While it is not my regular page builder of choice, I figured why not use it since I have it and have a .Mac account.

    I am having a few issues that I am not certain how to fix, though! It is frustrating because I would expect that the interface be more user friendly than other programs. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    1) Building a Photo page. I used the prompts and seamlessly built a photo page with iPhoto and iWeb--so I thought. The photo page is up but when the photos are individually clicked on (and/or the slideshow button) nothing happens. I can see at the bottom of the page: javascriptvoid(0)

    2) Cropping. I am using the Mask tool to crop yet I cannot change the shape of the mask. That is, the only option I have is a plain square. However, from the template, i can see there are squares with rounded corners. I end up having to copy the original stock photo, insert my photo, and fiddle with it. Shouldn't there be a way to just adapt the mask?

    3) Insert an email! There is a button to insert that says "email me" but it automatically sets up the webpage to email to my primary .Mac email address. I would like to use the alias I set up specifically for this webpage. Is it possible to do this? What is the point of having aliases if I cannot even use them with the webpage?:mad:
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    iWeb Woes

    Quick answer to the 3rd comment:

    From any page on iWeb, click on "Inspector" and then select the "Site Inspector" tab. That's the one that looks like the .Mac logo. Selecting "Site" from there will give you the options to change the name of the site as well as the contact email address. Once you do that, that site should direct emails to the alias that you have chosen to enter for that account. I have attached a screen shot to assist.

    Hope that helps. I'll try to get the rest of the answers to you soon. Unless someone else beats me to the punch. I happen to know this one b/c it came up while troubleshooting someone else's alias issues.


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