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Sep 29, 2006
question relating to iWeb.

I have 06 currently, the question relates to this. but if 08 can do this and 06 can't I may upgrade.

1. how hard is it to add sections of html code? I realise this could cause some problems with item sizes (I know 06 can't do this, but can 08?) - preferably without running an external text parser over the output files.

2. Is there a way to manually force a link to be in the navigation bar? reasob being I have a php based forum, and would like its base page to be in the navigation bar - without having to have a somewhat pointless page to point to them.

overall its a nice program, a bit limited, but for the site in question its not too bad and will do nicely.

especially if there is a way to manually ad bits of code, e.g. drop some php code in to allow a blog to work etc.

not hosted on .mac, and never will be I have my own domain I'm happy with


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Feb 6, 2006
It's easy to add HTML to the pages, either by putting the code in manually or using iWeb's HTML Snippet function (which works quite nicely).

This is the reason that I have switched my site over to iWeb despite some of the weakness of the program in terms of code control.
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