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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ^^ CoolMacLover, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Ok so i know its just a trial... I got it with Aperture late last year. But it seems to be odd... when I go to make anything, doc, keynote, spread sheet.

    Keynote: If i put on a theme to the slide show, it wont come up. Its just blank, I can see it in the Inspector window but not on the page itself. And its all wacked out with the colours. Everything comes out white or purple. Even the little "tour" was off in the colours. Is this cause its '08 and im using SL?

    Its not that big of a deal, but it would have been nice to play with them to see if i wanted to buy it or not...

    If anyone knows a way to fix this, do share... It will determine if i get iWorks or not.

    EDIT: Ok so I installed it on MBP running just leopard... It works normal... So i guess again its SL and it being such an old version of iWork?
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    this seems likely. you can download a trial of iwork '09 here
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    Two things you may not have done.

    First, use the <Mac OS 10.6.2 combo update. This fixes a problem with the Hoefler Text font that is not fixed using the delta update (10.6.1 > 10.6.2).

    Second, make sure your iWork applications are updated. For iWork '08 that is Keynote 4.0.4, Pages 3.0.3 & Numbers 1.0.3. If you're not running the latest versions & Software Update says your software is up to date, make sure the applications are where the installer initially put them. The updaters are very picky. If the location is not where the updater is programmed to look or if the folder doesn't have the name the updater looks for, it will not work. The applications cannot be renamed or moved. They must be in the iWork '08 folder in Applications. That iWork folder must be named iWork '08. If it doesn't have the '08 Software Update won't find them & the updaters won't work.

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