iwork 09 vs iwork 08 performance comparison

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    Running iwork 09 trail vs iwork 08 I get the following activity monitor usage using the same templates.

    Pages using blank template

    Pages 09:
    16 threads
    107.02 MB Real Memory
    1.19 GB Virtual Memory

    Pages 08
    14 threads
    82.16MB Real Memory
    1.15GB Virtual Memory

    Numbers using blank template

    Numbers 09
    10 threads
    102.33 MB Real Memory
    1.18 GB Virtual Memory

    Numbers 08
    7 threads
    82.17 MB Real Memory
    1.14GB Virtual Memory

    Keynote using white template

    Keynote 09
    10 threads
    99.14 MB Real Memory
    1.20 GB Virtual Memory

    Keynote 08
    10 threads
    113.77 MB Real Memory
    1.19 GB Virtual Memory

    I ran these tests multiple times and the values were always about the same. The system I am running this on is a quad core, 4 gig ram machine

    So what does this tell us? For both Pages and Numbers, the 09 version is a little bit more resource hungary in terms of ram. However, uses more threads, which to my understanding, utilizes the capabilities of multicore processors better and thus, run a little more efficiently. Keynote 09 on the other hand seems to not be as resource hungry from what I can tell.

    Hopefully this was somewhat informative as I tried to compare the two versions
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    Thanks for the info. I'm thinking about iWork '09 so this will help.

    Maybe try some trials with more tasks (like in Keynote, importing pictures, making transitions etc.)?

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