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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by sir42, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I'm a big fan of iWork on my desktop, but compatibility issues with the iPad versions are becoming tough to work around.

    I'm not a spreadsheet or presentation power user, and I fully expected some limitations on the iPad iWork software, but almost all of my desktop documents are broken in some way when I try to edit them on my iPad.

    I bought the iPad thinking I could use it to do some light work while traveling or just sitting in a coffee shop on the weekend, but I'm now finding myself in a position of needing a laptop when I thought my iPad would suffice.

    Some small compatibility issues I've found (in addition to others mentioned elsewhere) that seem just strange:

    - inability to hide rows/columns in Numbers for iPad
    - inability to have a page header/footer
    - lack of support for functions within Keynote tables

    On their own, these issues are just minor annoyances, but on a whole, it makes it tough for me to really make use of my iPad. If I still need to bring my laptop with me to work on fairly basic documents, then what do I need the iPad for?

    I realize there's a lot that needs to be reengineered for use with a touch-screen input device, but if the iPad is going to be a credible device for casual work, I hope that Apple is able to address the compatibility issues with the iPad and desktop versions of iWork.
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    I'm having the same general issues. For example, the iPad cannot import symbols font from word documents, which many in science use for basic notation. For Keynote...don't get me started. Wanted to do video on it, when I go to put in a movie from the video directory - I could not. I had to reimport the SAME movie into the Photo directory.

    This movie will play fine over VGA when accessed from the Video directory, but oh no, not with Keynote, it compressed it to about ~10% of its size, which introduces significant compression artifacts. I'd understand if it was a hardware limitation, but it is not, since the SAME movie can play over VGA w/o extra compression.

    I'm pretty disgusted with the whole iWork thing on the iPad to be honest.
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    i hate not being able to merge cells in numbers or tables within pages.

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