iWork Numbers: Hyperlink to file?

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    I'm using Numbers to track my homework and readings, and I'm wondering if there's a way I can add a hyperlink to a file on my Mac from a table in Numbers. For example, say I've typed up my notes in Pages and put it in a specific folder in Documents. Could I add a link to a table in Numbers that allows me to just click on it and my notes open immediately in Pages? Has anyone tried this before?
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    Numbers User Guide (Available under Help on the Numbers Menu Bar)
    page 180.

    Hyperlinks are used in spreadsheets that will be viewed onscreen, either as HTML files or as Numbers spreadsheets.
    You can add hyperlinks to open an email message or a webpage on the Internet.

    Pages User Guide page 106
    You can add hyperlinks to jump to another page or to open an email message or a webpage on the Internet.
    Use bookmarks to mark passages in the document that you want to refer to as you work.

    So Option unavailable. Feedback Link to Apple available under Numbers or Pages on the Menubar.
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    Same but different??

    Hello all,

    I have the same issue but slightly different.

    I have a pages document that i want to refer to other documents (PDF files) on a different location (network drive) but cant see how this works. As these post are old, are there any new developments people have found out??
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    How to link to PDFs in Pages, Numbers, or pretty much anything in OSX

    I have found a work around to put links to PDF or other files into a Pages or Numbers document, although it adds a few more steps:

    Type the FILE URL into a Pages/Numbers document, highlight it, and choose Pages > Services > Open URL
    (or Shift - Command - A)

    This will open the PDF document.

    To find the FILE URL, you can open almost any document using Safari, or simply drag the file from your desktop into a Safari browser window, and it will tell you the URL in the address bar (it looks something like file:///Users/... and yes there are three slashes ///).

    This is a very convenient way to reference PDF files (or many other files) without actually pasting them into your Pages document and making the file size huge.

    I really hope Apple adds an easier way to link to PDFs in iWork. It would make things SO much easier. Nowadays things are much more interactive than before. My documents are no longer static text, but dynamic brainstorming sessions with media, links, and Apple scripts.
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    Trying to get a specific page to open

    I've got a file URL in a Numbers document and I use the above method to open it. But, the #page= designation in the URL is completely ignored and the first page is always opened.

    Anyone know how to link to a local file and have a specific page open?

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    Another work around

    To create a hyperlink to file:

    1) Double-click on a cell, then select Insert > Hyperlink > Webpage

    2) The cell is filled with livepage.apple.com and the Hyperlink inspector with http://livepage.apple.com/. Replace the URL with the file path (file:///Users/...) and hit Return

    3) Highlight the livepage.apple.com in the cell and delete it - at the same time, all data in the Hyperlink inspector disappear

    4) Click "Enable as a hyperlink" on the Hyperlink inspector - you'll notice that the URL includes the file path that you typed before and the cell includes "hyperlink-to-file"

    5) Replace the "hyperlink-to-file" with the title you like and you're done

    To open the hyperlink:

    1) Open the Hyperlink inspector

    2) Highlight the cell containing the hyperlink you want to open

    3) Right click on the URL field of the Hyperlink inspector and choose "Open URL"

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