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Mar 29, 2009
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I'm going nuts on this. Hope some people can help. I made a task list in numbers. The font on the list is Helvetica 12. Now, the paper I am printing it on is 5 x 8.5 that fits in my notebook.
When I print the fonts that come out are very small. I have tried everything but nothing works. How come I don't get a what you see is what you get page?


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Jul 17, 2008
Sounds like you have "Scale to fit" selected.

Hit "Print." If you see a small panel with your printer driver, hit the little blue triangle to see the panel expand. You should see a preview of what you're printing.

There should be a pop-up menu that currently says "Numbers." Select the menu and choose "Paper handling." The "Scale to fit" option should be there.

(... OK, I say all this like I know it's there for sure. I just know it's there for MY printer driver. It might be somewhere else with your printer, but you get the idea, right? ::)



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Oct 17, 2007
Kind of confusing

I use Microsoft office for mac (both 2008 and now 2011), primarily because I need outlook (and previously entourage).

Today someone came to me with a question about printing from numbers at home, I showed them in excel how I would click print, then scale to fit, and it would just come out naturally fit to the page.

He was somewhat confused, so I popped in Numbers, and realized that it was not quite the same process.

To get things to 'scale to fit' on a page, do not use the automated 'scale to fit' found in the print dialogue, I believe that feature is intended for 'scaling down' large documents to fit on a single page.

To scale a page for printing in Numbers, Do the following:

1) On the upper left hand side you will see a "view" box.
2) Click the view button
3) Choose "Show Print View" from the drop-down.
4) At the very bottom of Numbers you will see a Content Scale Slider
5) Scale it to fit the page (some parts will likely bleed onto other pages)
6) Choose File -> Print.
7) Under Pages: Choose Only the pages you scaled to fit (don't select 'All')
8) Hit print, and enjoy your pages being scaled the way you desire!

I hope this helps someone! Seems to be a common problem.
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