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Oct 2, 2007
Leeds, UK
Well there's another one to add to the list, @jackoplane just proved live on Ustream that he has siri working on his iphone 4.

Here's the stream http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18639861

He's gone to bed now and will release more info tomorrow but did say that there's no ETA for an actual release and might not even do it cos he's sick of Siri ater spending so long on it.

My guess, we'll see a 4s jailbreak before we see a Siri Port released.

Just wish I was a good enough programmer to get this working myself!


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Jul 28, 2010

Yet another person who has it working, demos it and isn't releasing it. Who cares?

We need to find the next great thing that a limited few of us can accomplish then go "na na na na na" with a live video stream/blog/etc.
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